Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowpocalypse Swagger

I haven't seen my students in almost 2 weeks. I anticipated, (incorrectly), having to give up my spring break plans due to the inclement weather disrupting copious amounts of time to prepare for our EOIs. For those who don't know, if my students don't pass, they don't graduate. If enough of our students don't pass, our school doesn't make AYP.

Tuesday night brought yet another looming snowstorm, keeping me from my students yet another week and increasing the pressure I was already feeling. Last week I didn’t see a human being for 3 straight days. Ask everyone in my phone, as I’m sure I texted them this. I was not about to stay in Tulsa for snowpocalypse: round 2.

I asked a friend to accompany me to Mexico during my accounting class Tuesday night.

My friend luckily took me seriously and we left within 30 minutes of my class disbursing. We drove nearly 15 straight hours until we saw the ocean in South Padre Island.

I immediately scribbled "suck it, snowpocalypse" in the sand as I felt an instant victory over the plague of snow I had endured the past week and a half.

The following day we accidentally drove into Mexico. Schwoops! It was surprisingly easy to enter another country without the proper paperwork. We drove around for a few minutes before our return, despite the fact that we added an 'R' in Matamoros to accurately represent how Americans were received in the city according to the homeland security website. Matar means 'to kill' in Spanish.

We were searched on our return to the U.S. I wish I could have got a picture of this for you. After asking our profession, I’m sure the border inspectors made assumptions as to why America’s education system is currently struggling.

The third day we explored Spanish Missions, the Alamo and the river walk in San Antonio. Flip flops, ice cream, sitting the in the sun, and loving life ensued.

I appreciate people who indulge in spontaneity and subject themselves to the depression one feels after returning from such a glorious reprieve.

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