Sunday, January 23, 2011

Words fall through me.

I just wanted to quickly document the reactions I've experienced since I got my hair did.

  • People occasionally rub the right side of my head. Without permission. What is this, China?
  • One guy looked at me and asked if I liked Britney Spears. When I discussed my students' fund raising project, one of his friends hugged me.
  • An intoxicated individual - whom I've never met before - continuously kissed my head. When I moved to avoid this, he kissed my eye. Ew. Stopit.
  • One of my friends was sitting a room away from me in a coffee shop. He texted me to inform me girls sitting around him were discussing the state of my hair. When I inquired as to what they were saying he texted "One wishes she could do that and say 'yeah, I'm a badass.' " I find this humorous because she can do it. It's not as if I have magic razor or that this is some insurmountable feat.
  • People - magnet coordinators, colleagues, students - STILL stop by my classroom just to look at and comment about my hair.
  • It has been stated that I am not attractive due to my hair.
  • It has been stated that I pull this hair off well.
  • "You're the f___king hottest girl in this f__king place. You have to be so confident to rock a hair style like that. You're so f__king gorgeous" -- to which I responded "Uh..." and walked away.
  • People I don't know kiss my head. Even girls. One person mentioned it 'must feel like kissing down there.'

There are more, but it's time to be responsible and devote energy into PHENOMENAL Geometry lesson plans.

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