Thursday, December 9, 2010

You raise me up.

One of my colleagues just stopped me in the hall:

"Ms. Hering, I would just love to pick your brain sometime. My students have a lot of needs and as a first-year counselor... well especially with my special needs students I just need ideas. I was talking with Mrs. ____ and she said ' You know who has it going on? She's young but she always seems to have great ideas. Ms. Hering.' "

On Monday one of my Geometry classes informed me of this:

"Mr. ___ is actually teaching. He says ' we have to teach like Ms. Hering now if we want to keep our jobs.' "

Some days I never, EVER want this to end. God is lifting me up today and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to impact my students and those around me who impact students.

Final Countdown:

1 day until the TFA holiday party and observatory star party.

2 days until dance competition in Oklahoma City with my girls.

5 days until my Stats final that I MUST get a B on to not retake the class, (at the graduate level if I have anything lower than a B I'm required to retake the course.)

8 days until I know for certain if I'm shaving my head (my students need to raise $220 more dollars).

11 days until I see my family!

20 days until I play a show with my little brother and cousin.

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