Monday, May 30, 2011

When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Networking. This is how I spent my nearly last day of May. I was required to meet with the magnet director for my school district. During the meeting, I discussed facilitating a Diversity Competencies Awareness session for 20 + TFA teachers, (as this is aligned with the magnet goals.) One of the lead directors suggested that I contact those coordinating DCA competencies for all of the district where I work. I am now helping develop employee resource groups!

I went to QuickTrip to get coffee, (I sleep 6 or less hours a night - I’m trying to hold it together here people, do not judge my 24 oz of coffee consumption). In line to pay for the coffee I hear “Ms. Hering?” One of my former students was behind me in a firefighter’s uniform! He is now working with me so that we are able to have a fire truck at our next pep rally and helping a current student of mine who is interested in becoming a firefighter... Let’s get fired up!!

I have made it to the in-person interviews with a charter school. If I am offered the position, I will be helping to start a new charter school in my city next year working 10 hours a month and receiving a stipend.

In the evening I checked my e-mail to find that I was recommended for an internship position for the summer that would help me develop as a professional and pay more than what I make as a teacher’s salary. I would also be in one of the following four locations:

My 6:15 meeting was cancelled, I bought a tent for Backwoods Bash this weekend, and I ate some Takis. Great day.

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